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Drivers Beware

July 1, 2008 is a significant day in Southern California. Driving as we know it will change. Yes, the new Hands-Free Law goes into effect in just a few short hours. But that is not what i am referring to…
Tomorrow July 1, 2008 my 16 year-old son has his first behind-the-wheel professional driving lesson and then his CA Driver’s Permit will become valid. Just so that you have time to plan and be off of the streets of Orange County, his appointment is at 6:00pm

Driving independently is, thankfully, a long way off for him but this newly aquired permission will come in handy for my husband when the Sepetjian men go on their “guys only” road trip next week. uh… did i say handy? Well, it will add some excitement to the trip anyway.

There is a sharp contrast in the way we as parents have reacted to this development.
There is a sense of pride in my husband. He was absolutely beaming as he shared the words “he passed” with me this morning on the phone. Knowing that this is just one of many small steps that he has helped him take into manhood.
I, on the other hand, would much rather just keep my son neatly tucked in my arms where i can keep him safe, close to me and protected from the harshness of the world.
So, as we do our best to guide both of our sons in making wise choices and (prayerfully) to submitting their lives to God’s will for them, I am so thankful to be doing this thing called life with Noah. I cannot imagine going through the struggles of raising kids and just life in general without him by my side.
The fact that he will be the one giving the driving lessons makes me love him that much more.


Cruel World

the bus stop looked a little bit like this oneSo the other day i was driving to work and i drove past this man laying on the ground at a bus stop. Even though i was going maybe 40mph, i could tell he wasn’t moving. God was really urging me to not just continue driving by like the hundreds of other cars were. So, i made a u-turn and found a safe parking lot directly across the street from where he was laying. Now i am not that naive, I know that this particular area of Santa Ana has a pretty large population of homeless people who sleep on the street. This guy was different. He was a clean man wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. His head was down so i couldn’t really determine his age, but i guessed him to be older as he didn’t have any hair. I called 911 and reported what i saw, then i decided to wait until help arrived.

As i sat there at a safe distance, i watched busy commuters fly past him. The more disturbing image was the pedestrians walking on that side of the street. Many had to walk over his arm to keep on their path and yet they kept walking. Some of them looked down at him, but all of them kept walking. I started to become so outraged and sad at the same time. Then i began to pray for him. I prayed first that if he was injured in some way that it would not be serious. Then i prayed for his heart. Whatever situation had led him to this point in his life i prayed that it would be a turning point and that he would be pointed to Jesus. Then i cried for him.

Finally, after what seemed liked forever a police car pulled up (it was probably less then 5 minutes). A young 20-something officer got out, night stick in hand. He went over and kicked the man on the bottom of his shoes and seemed really annoyed to have pulled the short straw and be sent on this call.

At that point i felt as though i had done all i could for that moment and started to drive away. My path had to take right past where the man and the police officer were and to my surprise as the man sat up (clearly impaired by something) he was my age. He wasn’t bald because he was old, probably chose to shave his head. He almost looked like a construction worker type that you might see up in a cherry-picker truck working on power lines.

Off i went on my way. I did pray for him again as i drove past. I hope that he is okay and that this is a wake-up call for him. Do you think i should have done more? What about all the other people who regularly sleep on the street? I feel God is trying to tell me something about them too.

My baby is home!

Today was the end of a very long week without my 10-year-old. He just got home from camp at Angeles Crest where he has been since Sunday with the 4th, 5th & 6th graders from Calvary. The house and car rides this week were very quiet without him. Normally, it can be somewhat exhausting to listen to his non-stop spouting of very intelligent-but-less-than-useful information (of course that is only because my own intellect pales in comparison to his genius). Today I could not get enough of his stories. The best part was his giggling when he was telling fun stories from his week, like the Wierd Al songs that Mr. Ronk has on his cell phone. I sure did miss that laugh. There is this old german saying that my dad used to use: “if your laugh had babies I would want one.” It may have lost something in the translation. Never-the-less, I love my baby’s laugh. I am so glad he had a great time. I am so glad he’s home!


I love this picture (which I stole from someone else’s blog). It stirs the thought in me that “why is it be so hard to make time for a book that’s main message is love?”
What does it say to you?