Guys road trip

It has been amazingly quiet around the Sepetjian house this week. That is because Noah and the boys went on a guys-only road trip. This is the first time ever that we have not vacationed as a family (or at least as a couple). So when they were leaving on Monday, I will admit that I was a little sad that I wasn’t going with them. Why didn’t I go? Well, it is a little bit hard to get away from work this time of year and a road trip is about the last thing I would pick to do on my vacation. Besides I had plenty of fun things of my own planned: Monday afternoon I had a root canal and Wednesday morning I woke up paralyzed by pain from muscle spasms due to a strain in my lower back. Anyway, enough about my fun this post is titled “Guys road trip” not “How not to spend your week when you are home alone for the first time in 20 years.”

Today my guys rode mountain bikes down Mammoth Mountain. This was apparently the highlight of their week. While physically challenging (or maybe becasue of that) it seems to have bonded them in a very special way. Jonathan is even being nice to his little brother. I don’t have pictures of them yet, but found these and imagine their day looked something like this

The veiw going up, not their favorite

The view going up, not their favorite


Making the 11,000+ foot decent

Making the 11,000+ foot decent


I am so glad that they have had this week together. Tonight is my last night of peace and quiet. I am going to spend the rest of it with the other love of my life, Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Guys road trip

  1. Tracy says:

    I have to admit it…I love those few and far between days I have my house all by myself, with just my girls, Missy (cat) and Chloe (beloved dog). I thrive on the peace and quiet, probably because I am an introvert. I do, then, look forward to the day they get back. Back to normal again.

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