Quirky Things

ugh… I pretended not to be tagged even after reading the quirks first of Cheri and then of Jennie but agree that there is strength in numbers so here goes. Just like my friends, I’ll ask you not to judge me too harshly.

  1. I don’t usually drink soda from a fountain and definitely not with ice. I can always sense a weird after-taste in the soda. Also, I have heard of studies that show more bacteria in fast-food ice than in the bathrooms of those same establishments. I prefer to either smuggle in my own can from home or pay more for a bottle.
  2. I have a fear of touching door knobs/handles, especially those in public restrooms (this would be in the same category as Jennie’s movie theatre seat phobia).
  3. I refuse to wash any of my laundry with that of my sons (10 & 16), especially their socks. I believe that it will only make my clothes less clean, not to mention the crazy things that show up in their pockets.
  4. I have really high expectations for how I should be treated as a customer. I have been known to drive further and maybe even pay more if an establishment goes out of it’s way to make me feel welcomed and appreciated as a customer. Along the same lines I will permanently boycott any establishment that I feel has consistently poor service. They’ll get 2-3 chances and then that’s it.
  5. I am a scrap booking snob. I have been scrap booking since my oldest son was a year old and I will use only Creative Memories products in my albums.
  6. I am also a gummy bear snob. I believe the only true gummy bears are the German made Haribo Gold-bears. Anything else is just a poor imitation. My favorite colors are white, yellow and orange. Oh, and I never read the Nutrition Facts on this particular label.

One thought on “Quirky Things

  1. Jennie says:

    I’m not sure if your list has helped me feel better about my quirks or given me more to add to my list.
    The quirk of yours I am having trouble with the most is the ice thing….I heart ice and am totally grossed out by your findings of germs…..what am I going to do- I don’t do bathrooms….I am wondering if my only option is to put an ice machine in my car to have my own personal, clean supply of ice.?…
    Thanks for sharing your quirks…I too tried to ignore it.

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