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Power Lab VBS

I love the first week of August. This has been my favorite week of the year for the last 6 years. Before I worked at Calvary I used to take vacation for this week. Now can you believe it – I get paid to help run it!  Children’s Ministires hosts the largest outreach of the year during this week: VBS (Vacation Bible School). With over 1500 people buzzing around Calvary’s 10-acre campus excitement is everywhere.
This year’s theme was Power Lab and Calvary’s campus was transformed into a mad scientist’s laboratory, complete with a Delorean in the lobby. Jonathan and his friend RJ worked in recreation while Joshua had a blast attending as a 5th grader. The whole Calvary family get’s invovled some work in the kitchen preaparing snacks for @ 1000 kids and 500 leaders, some help in the lobby with attendance while still others help with Bible Teaching and Worship. My boss and our Children’s Pastor Matt and Eric our XP got in to the spirit by dying their hair green for the week. It was amazing. The best part? 145 kids made first-time decesions to follow Christ. For a full pictorial and video wrap up be sure to check out the Power Lab pages on Calvary’s webiste. Here are a few pics from the week


There is still time to join us! Tomorrow morning we’ll have the Fusion Finale at 9:30 am. Everyone including the babies will join together for a Family Service to wrap things up.


November is coming

My friend Traci sent me this email today. it is one of those “pass it on” kind and I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing that, for one thing – it’s pretty lengthy.

I don’t know who Chris Perry is. I don’t even know if I agree with all of the remarks made in this statement. While I do have a very bad feeling about him, I will confess that I haven’t personally learned that much about Senator Obama. The opinion I have formed of him is mostly superficial (i.e. that way he speaks, the things he does – like canceling a visit to wounded soldiers in Germany when he found out he couldn’t take his camera crews in). Frankly, at this point I am really not that excited about either candidate.

The following statement does make a very important point. Why are we not crying out to our Lord and Savior on this matter? I for one, feel strongly that we are not helpless in this. How about you?


Prayers Needed by Chris Perry

I was very dismayed when, recently, a family member of mine said to me with great resignation that Obama will take the presidency. These words came from someone who in the past has been a great prayer warrior. What is happening was my question??? Why are we Christians settling and not issuing a battle cry, falling to our knees and taking our country back? We allow ourselves to be stripped of the right to pray at school functions and in school, we have the 10 commandments removed from government places and are told we cannot pray in school, all the while providing public prayer places for Muslims. What in the world is going on and why are we being apathetic? Why aren’t we praying? Our God is a mighty God who is waiting patiently for us to raise our voices to heaven to stop the tide of the anti-Christ actions in our world today.
Now we find we have a charismatic candidate for president who does not respect our flag and refuses to wear one on his lapel except when it becomes politically expedient and whose own wife and pastor profess to have strong anti-white feelings, and we sit back and say “it is a given, we can do nothing.” There has never been a time in 2000 years that we can do nothing, never a time that we must sit back and allow the evil in men’s and women’s hearts to take over our world. We should be very afraid because our apathy is leading us to perdition.

It is time for all Christian Americans to raise the battle cry and take our nation back. Maybe McCain on his own cannot defeat Obama, but our God can and He will if we take to our knees in prayer and raise a mighty cry to the heavens to “Save us O Lord.” We have the power to change the course of this election and to keep a man as suspect as Barak Obama from leading our country to who knows where with his message of “change” – a change which I fear will be away from our Christian ideals and away from Christ and further away from one nation under God to one nation under Allah.

We are great at passing stories and pictures around the internet, but where are our prayers and prayer warriors praying to stop this tide ofBarak Obama? God parted the red sea, Jesus raised himself from the dead, and we can bring our country back to its Christian roots and stop the move to the rise of Muslims in our country. We can stop our country from being “under Allah,” but we must begin to pray, to pray as if our country and our lives depended on it, because they do. We can stop all these atrocities against God’s commands that have taken root in our country through something as simple as sincere prayer, a call to God to deliver us, to forgive us our sins of apathy and to protect us from the evil that is upon us.

Okay prayer warriors, here is your challenge, start those prayer chains. Get the spiritual power working on our behalf and stop Barak Obama the proper way, by calling on our God to save us from the deception that charismatic preaching he is using to lead us on the wrong path. Stop those who would take God out of our country and our government. Raise up good men to lead us and protect us. George Bush is being buffeted because he has fought a holy war against the evils that attacked us. But we should not rest on our laurels and allow ourselves to be taken further off the path of Christianity and to have God removed from our presence in our schools, courts, government and businesses. Invite God into the fray. Ask that His power rest upon us and give us the victory. Ask him to raise up a might army to defend us and to protect our country as he did in days of old. Let us be victorious beginning NOW. The battle is His but we must call on Him without ceasing and unite our voices and hearts in prayer and fasting.

Please pass this around to all people of prayer that you know and maybe, just maybe a more eloquent person of prayer will write something better and more inspiring and even the rocks will shout that Jesus is Lord and our Mighty God is with us, bringing the victory for us and ultimately for Him.

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.