Power Lab VBS

I love the first week of August. This has been my favorite week of the year for the last 6 years. Before I worked at Calvary I used to take vacation for this week. Now can you believe it – I get paid to help run it!  Children’s Ministires hosts the largest outreach of the year during this week: VBS (Vacation Bible School). With over 1500 people buzzing around Calvary’s 10-acre campus excitement is everywhere.
This year’s theme was Power Lab and Calvary’s campus was transformed into a mad scientist’s laboratory, complete with a Delorean in the lobby. Jonathan and his friend RJ worked in recreation while Joshua had a blast attending as a 5th grader. The whole Calvary family get’s invovled some work in the kitchen preaparing snacks for @ 1000 kids and 500 leaders, some help in the lobby with attendance while still others help with Bible Teaching and Worship. My boss and our Children’s Pastor Matt and Eric our XP got in to the spirit by dying their hair green for the week. It was amazing. The best part? 145 kids made first-time decesions to follow Christ. For a full pictorial and video wrap up be sure to check out the Power Lab pages on Calvary’s webiste. Here are a few pics from the week


There is still time to join us! Tomorrow morning we’ll have the Fusion Finale at 9:30 am. Everyone including the babies will join together for a Family Service to wrap things up.


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