Monthly Archives: September 2008

I love this man…

19 years ago today he married me. I feel completely loved, honored and cherished by him. Here are some of the ways he shows it…

 ~I love the way he loves me.
 ~I love the fact that he puts our family above all else.
 ~I love the way he provides for our family.
 ~I love the way he protects me and our boys.
 ~I love it that he gets as much joy out of sending me flowers as I do out of receiving them.
 ~I love the way he is tough on the outside, but deep down inside there is a softness and vulnerablity. 

 ~I love that whether or not he realizes it, the Lord is working on his heart.
 ~I love the way he wants me to be happy, and works very hard to make that happen.
 ~I cannot imagine my life without him.
 ~I love him so much. 

 I am truly amazed and so grateful to see how the Lord continues to bless our family. Happy anniversay, Babe!
“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12b


Our choices, our future

The upcoming election is important to us all. Here is a list of how the candidates stand on key issues. I found this very useful in helping me look past personalities and basing my vote on who will have my family’s best interest in mind. I hope that you will, too

This man…

Russell Brand

Russell Brand


I had never heard of this guy before today. When I heard about some of what he said at the VMAs (and then checked it out for myself), there were quite a few choice names I could think of to call him. Who the heck is he anyway?
Relunctantly, but obediently I have chosen to ask the Lord to change my heart and give me the ability to “love those who are most difficult to love.”

Please pray for him and everyone else like him.

Random thoughts…

– I am sad that school is starting because of the structure of our schedule
– I am happy that school is starting because of the structure of our schedule
  (call me crazy, there is something really comforting to me about structure)
– I am happy that school is starting so that my 16-year-old doesn’t have so much free-time on his hands.
– I am sad that we have to say goodbye to the easier pace of life during post VBS summer time
– I am happy about my 5th grader’s new teacher
– I am sad that my baby is already in 5th grade
  (seems like yesterday was his first day of Kindergarten)
– I am happy that I get to work and serve in a place like Calvary Church
– I love Tuesdays because of: staff chapel, TMBS and the Calvary Town Team meeting
– I am humbled to work alongside such Godly people like: Kim Lomakin, Matt Doan, Brent Dedmon, Tammy Harris, Shannon Reese, Matt Davis, Dave Mitchell,
Eric Wakeling, Michael Welles, Trevor Behrns, Katy Lang and Melissa Brosch (among so many others)
– I love it that in September I celebrate my birthday and my wedding anniversary (19 years!)
– I love the way my husband loves me (even when it isn’t easy)
– I love the way my husband loves our kids
– I love it that in September we kick-off new ministries and resume our Wednesday Evening programs
– I love milk chocolate, red vines and gummy bears
– I am happy that a new season of Tuesday Morning Bible Study begins next week
I’m Believing God that
God is who He says He is
  ~ God can do what He says He can do
I am who God says I am
I can do all things in Christ
God’s Word is alive and active in me
– I am stunned that the King of the Universe picked a wretch like me to be in His family and that I am: loved, blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted redeemed and forgiven

– I love knowing exactly where I am going when I die. Do you?