I love this man…

19 years ago today he married me. I feel completely loved, honored and cherished by him. Here are some of the ways he shows it…

 ~I love the way he loves me.
 ~I love the fact that he puts our family above all else.
 ~I love the way he provides for our family.
 ~I love the way he protects me and our boys.
 ~I love it that he gets as much joy out of sending me flowers as I do out of receiving them.
 ~I love the way he is tough on the outside, but deep down inside there is a softness and vulnerablity. 

 ~I love that whether or not he realizes it, the Lord is working on his heart.
 ~I love the way he wants me to be happy, and works very hard to make that happen.
 ~I cannot imagine my life without him.
 ~I love him so much. 

 I am truly amazed and so grateful to see how the Lord continues to bless our family. Happy anniversay, Babe!
“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12b


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