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 I have been hearing about this musical for years now. My hopes of seeing it were dwindling as it is about to wrap here in Hollywood. Then I got the best surprise and gift ever. My best girlfriend since Kindergarten got tickets for Christmas and she wanted to take me! We went last Sunday. It was amazing. It was a great experience – the music, the effects basically the whole package.
The story made me think, too.  It will have to be for another blog entry but this thought has been stirring in me since I saw it: our perceptions of others can be affected by so may things, many of which may be fabricated by our own fears and insecurities. I am so glad that God sees us how we truly are. My prayer is that I would begin to see others as He does.
The show ended, but the suprises didn’t. Afterward Cyndee whisked me off to the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills where we met Lisa, a friend that we grew up with. The three of us were inseperable in high school. Here is what we look like now:

Lisa, Susie & Cyndee

Our lives are very different from each other now but it is always good to get together and remember old times. You never forget the people you grow up with, they are like family to me and I am so thankful for them.