It’s finally time…

It is so hard to believe…  when I posted this entry almost 8 months ago a once in a lifetime Bible Study Tour of Israel seemed so far off.
Now it is here!
That’s right, in 4 days from right now I will be about 1/2 way through the 14 hour flight to Tel Aviv.

I feel so blessed that:

  • God has made this trip possible for me.
  • That my husband is the kind of man who would send me on this trip because he knows how much it will mean to me. Even though it means that his life will be a lot less comfortable for the 2 weeks I’ll be gone – and that it was no small feat to make this possible financially.
  • That I have some wonderful sisters-in-Christ who helped to make this trip possible by gifting me a portion of the cost.
  • That my sisiter-in-law and niece will help Noah by getting Joshua to school every day while I am gone.
  • That Catie Joy is going to be my roommate!
  • I will get to see the Word of God come alive by studying it in the places that it happened.
  • That I get to go on this trip with an amazing group of people, lead by godly men who have such a heart for God and for His chosen people.

Basically, this is like a dream come true and I am full of gratitude. I just wanted you to know…


One thought on “It’s finally time…

  1. Shameeron says:

    I am praying that you will have an awesome trip and that the Word of God will come to life for you in Israel. I pray for God’s peace to go with you, knowing that your family is cared for. Have a great time for all of us!

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