One Day Closer – Part 2

Several times since publishing and sharing my last post, I have wanted to write a follow-up. Not to change the original idea. I so appreciate God having given me the perspective of each passing day moving us closer to seeing Jonathan again. That thought still brings me comfort. The more I sat with it, though, the more it felt like an incomplete post.

While it is true the more time that passes the closer we are to seeing him again, it is also a fact that the days are often very hard without Jonathan. Random, unexpected moments and occasions or conversations bring him back to the front of my consciousness; the harsh reality of living without him frequently brings along with it sadness. His absence is such a hole in our lives and looking forward to seeing him again is sometimes only a small comfort in contrast to the depth of pain we feel.

Then again, without the assurance of being reunited with Jonathan one day I feel pretty certain I would not have made it this far. What a joy to have been his mama for almost 24 years here on earth. What a blessing to know that we will spend eternity with him. It is in light of eternity that this “time in between” is actually short, so that is another encouragement to hold on to… especially on the hard days.


2 thoughts on “One Day Closer – Part 2

  1. cynthia4316 says:

    Dear Susie, I have thought a lot about your last post and it helped me to put a different perspective on Ed being gone. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and saw turnovers he liked, as I was standing there it brought back a flood of memories and tears. The pain of loss is real and we have to let it come when it hits us in a memory, I still have a hard time listening to music, especially love songs. I cling to the hope I have in Christ, knowing I will spend eternity with both my Jesus and Ed.

    Stay strong, Jeremiah 29:11 is my verse of encouragement!

    Blessings to you dear sister in Christ,

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