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Cathartic Creativity

In recent months I have found that being creative is therapeutic for me. Not sure what it is, maybe it provides a good distraction for me – something to keep my hands and mind busy. Unlike vegging in front of the TV or wasting hours on social media, when I am creative I will typically have something to show for my time. I have been learning and experimenting with the Cricut that I got for my birthday and let me just say, time flies when you’re creating!  It took me several weeks to complete our Christmas ornament project (I will share about that project in a post another time) and even though it was more labor intensive than I initially realized, I loved doing it and found it to be such a blessing to be able to give them away.

tiered tray


Earlier this week, Noah rescued this cute thing from going into the dumpster at work. It had been received full of Christmas goodies from one of the neighboring businesses and after all the edible items were gone, no one was interested in the tiered tray. Well, I am happy to say that my husband knows me and asked if I wanted it. Um, YES! He brought it home for me on Wednesday.

We have this spot at the end of our hallway that has always looked kind of barren to me so I wanted to see if I could make it work there. It is a pretty small space and there is no natural light at the end of the hallway; there is very little artificial light so plants were not an option – well, real plants were not an option. I have been scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and after work today I headed over to Hobby Lobby for more ideas. I made multiple trips circling the store picking things up and putting them in my basket, then putting them back when I found something I liked more. After more than two hours I finally headed to the register and cashed in some Christmas gift cards.

As ideas started flowing, I remembered something that I had seen on Instagram. One of the home decor feeds I follow @homeonfernhill had done this really cool thing with an old window that she has displayed on her mantel, that I have been wanting to try. See the post that made me swoon here.

I didn’t want things to be too seasonal, because I would rather not have to constantly be redoing it. There are some words that are close to my heart like blessed, faith, family, love and home. Some succulents, that look real but will not shrivel up with the lack of light. Our first initials and the closest thing that we will have to a real puppy in the immediate future, a sweet yellow lab who needs a name. I really wanted another J, but they only had one. There was also a corrugated metal heart that they were out of. I may eventually add either another J or the heart, but for now we’ll just let the one stand for both of our J‘s. On the bottom tier there is also a larger S for our last name.

I am sure things will get changed up from time to time, but for now I am loving what I ended up with! It was a great way to spend a quiet evening!



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